Virtual conferencing for more circular buildings

Meeting rooms take up quite a bit of space in office buildings. For sustainability reasons, it would be interesting to save on the furnishing of those extra physical square meters.

With this project, LAMMP, in collaboration with Antwerp Management School and AP Hogeschool, wants to explore to what extent resources and energy can be saved by offering meeting rooms virtually. Specifically, we want to let different users experience such a space, discover the barriers, and then put the spaces into actual use. Additionally, we applied the same principle to the development of virtual study spaces.

Key results

Key lessons learned

  1. Virtual meeting rooms have a positive impact on mobility, without reducing the social interaction among employees or their connection with the company.
  2. Ad hoc communication between users of a space is important. Furthermore, we found that meeting rooms, even virtually, should feel spacious and be well-lit.
  3. We have managed to make our virtual space run autonomously in a browser. This is important to be technologically accessible.
  4. Within the real estate sector, we have been able to pitch our idea to more than ten developers. They were all enthusiastic and wanted to include it in their future plans.
  1. Technology remains an obstacle. Especially with larger companies, we encountered security issues.
  2. It is important that the virtual office closely resembles the actual office, in order to stimulate spatial components in the brain and optimize memory.
  3. To maximize efficiency, a virtual office must be included in the planning from the outset of a relocation or construction project. Sufficient trust in the use of the virtual office must also be established to avoid boomerang effects.

What will the future bring?

We want to continue offering the virtual office as well as virtual study spaces as a testing environment. Additionally, we will be more actively focusing on the virtualization of real estate as a new business sector. In doing so, we aim not only to facilitate the sale of real estate but also its use.


Partners Antwerp Management School, AP Hogeschool