Circular building and local leisure facilities

Consulting and engineering firms are important actors in the construction process. Due to their relevant knowledge and experience in circular processes in the construction and infrastructure world, they are the ideal party to share knowledge.

With the Circularia project, ORI, the national sector organization of consulting and engineering firms, is joining forces with local officials active in sports, youth, and cultural infrastructure to approach their local construction projects in a circular manner. Together, we want to define the critical success factors for processes in the circular construction economy, from idea to use.

The aim is for Circularia to become a reference in the field of the circular construction economy within Flanders. The path we take with the leisure sector, we want to later repeat with other sectors.

We organized several meetings and interesting debates, and gathered a wealth of information which we compiled into a handy guide. We also organized a closing event, where interesting insights were shared about tackling circular construction projects in the leisure, sports, and culture sector.

Key results

Key lessons learned

  1. In the first half of the project, we brought various actors to the table and from those discussions defined eight initial tips that can form the basis for the approach to a circular construction project.
  2. After all the meetings, we combined all the additional information along with the above eight tips into a handy guide: Starting with Circular. It has been physically available since the closing event and is downloadable at
  3. Our guide offers all involved actors (leisure sector) the necessary guidelines and information on the approach to a circular construction process. It can also be a valuable source of information for players from other sectors.
  1. A lot of discussion is still needed to get all actors on the same wavelength. It requires a specific effort to go a step further than the general trends and knowledge around circularity.
  2. Knowledge and information sharing must occur in a transparent and smooth manner to successfully tackle circular projects.
  3. It is important to involve the user perspective from the start and immediately link technical information to the social and societal added value.
  4. Circular construction is not just about erecting a building, but about realizing and being able to use leisure facilities that are valuable for multiple generations.

What will the future bring?

The goal is for Circularia to continue as a project of ORI. Circularity is a very important aspect in our sector, and the work accomplished through this project will form an important foundation for further developments. The platform and future meetings will be followed up by the Community Circular Building of ORI, where experts from the various parties come together and bring forward circular themes.

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